Educate, Advocate, Empower

RN Patient Partners

RN Patient Partners

Educate, Advocate, Empower


Who We Are

An independent RN Patient Advocate is a highly-trained medical professional who works only for you—not the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, referral fees or sales commissions.  An iRNPA is a medical detective, investigating your, or your loved-one’s, history, lifestyle, previous and current medical care, diagnoses, and the most effective treatments available specifically for you. 

We stand by you, educating, advocating, coordinating care and negotiating on your behalf, so you can take control of your care.

As a Registered Nurse (RN) your iRNPA is experienced in conventional Western medicine, and also trained in integrative (the evolution of holistic medicine) and functional medicine (the science of why–we are not just symptoms, we need to address root causes to return to health & wholeness) so you get the full breadth of medical knowledge and research available.  We strive to protect you in a system so broken that medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in America. 

An in-depth training across medical approaches is unique to iRNPAs–all patient advocates or navigators are not created equal.

What We Do

Our services are highly customizable and the initial consult is free.  

The typical process usually starts with an extensive personal and family medical history, lifestyle and food diary.  Let’s figure out where you (or a loved one) are—your baseline.  What are your primary diagnoses?  Then, research and education specific to you—what is happening, why, what can be done?  Delving into past and present medical records completes the initial picture (up to 30% of all medical diagnoses are wrong!).

Now we can get to work providing you with tools like your personal MediKey, portable complete medical history to prevent errors, and a Medication Smart profile of all your drugs and supplements–another convenient resource that can be lifesaving and from there, the sky is the limit.   We can even accompany you or your loved-ones to appointments

It is our job to empower you, to give you knowledge & tools based on the latest and best research enabling you to work with your doctor to develop a plan of care.  You deserve to be an informed partner in your healthcare team—making decisions and taking control of your future.


Who Needs Us

  • Individuals and families who’ve gotten a serious diagnosis and are overwhelmed
  • People with chronic illnesses that desperately need new answers.
  • Patients and families feeling disempowered and frustrated by the system.
  • Anyone requiring the discovery and vetting of new practitioners or services—including the debunking or confirmation of internet-based products.
  • Families facing end of life decisions.
  • Those who have not yet become seriously ill, but are at high risk, like people with genetic predispositions, pre-diabetes, or obesity.