1-IMG_8765-001-620x739Pamela Lane RN, MSN, iRNPA

RN Patient Advocate/ Founder

I am an experienced Registered Nurse (RN) with a Master's of Science in Nursing degree (MSN) and a specialty certification as an RN Patient Advocate (iRNPA). That means I am specifically trained in functional medicine (the medicine of "why") and integrative medicine (the evolution of holistic medicine) as well as conventional western medicine and the skills required to advocate in medical and healthcare settings. As an MSN and RN I have a strong background in pathophysiology, pharmacology and research, which aids me in the medical detective work required and also negotiation, collaboration and education.  In addition, I am a professional writer with a master’s degree in nonfiction, so I am also an excellent communicator.

My passion is helping others. I know that sounds cliché, but I’m dedicated to this calling. I’m a volunteer nurse educator and advocate for the homeless. I run monthly clinics, and have for years, providing local homeless men and women with health education and information tailored to their unique and often harrowing circumstances, and provide them with personal hygiene and health supplies. I also give my time to the dying through a program called, No One Dies Alone. I work on-call, not as a nurse tending to medical needs, but as a caring person tending to their crossing, focused on their comfort, holding their hand. Death is not our enemy, it is our destiny. Our shared goal is always to preserve and improve life, but when that is no longer an option we each have the right to die with peace, surrounded by love. For some who have no one at the end, I am there.

photo-24743523-stethoscope-with-heartsPreviously I was a nurse at Cedars Sinai, in the Saperstein Critical Care Tower.  I love patient care, and I worked at a great hospital, but I could see the disconnect between the human beings in my care and the system of care. Most patients in a hospital (any hospital) see a doctor only minutes a day.  They and their loved ones are lost, scared, and confused.  Even the best nurses on the floor don’t have enough time to educate every patient and support them through the complex decision-making required to elevate them to be a real member of their own care team--to know what all of their options are, to understand, and to advocate for themselves.  And there are many, many more who are not in hospitals but elsewhere in the medical care continuum—some as outpatients, some in rehab or long-term care and many stuck in the revolving door of all of the above at various times.

That is why, after ten years of advanced education, I went back to school again--to become an iRNPA.  I am a scientist as well as a holistic nurse, combining compassion with knowledge.  I believe we each have the right to the best care possible.   And so I created RN Patient Partners. 

© Copyright 2012 CorbisCorporationWhat We Do

The healthcare system can be a nightmare to navigate without a knowledgeable professional to guide you. Patients are vulnerable and confused.  What does my (or my loved one's) diagnosis really mean? Is it correct? What are all of the available treatments and what does the best research show about each one? Am I being scammed? How do I find the finest medical practitioners in my area? How do I speak with my doctor, and what do I need to know? How can I take control of my (or help my loved one take control of their) own health? Once I know what I want, do I even have the right to ask for it? How do I keep track of what is happening or know what to expect?

Knowledge is Power

RN Patient Partners provides our clients with a range of services including, detailed medical & family history analysis, complete medical records review (up to 30% of all medical diagnosis are wrong), exhaustive research from the best peer-reviewed journals and other trusted sources as to the efficacy (how effective is it?), side effects and interactions of the range of viable treatments, starting with what the client’s MD recommends and continuing through Functional and Integrative (AKA: holistic, alternative or complimentary) modalities with strong research behind them. We believe that our natural state is balance—our bodies struggle to maintain and regain health—they often need help.  Healing is often hindered by the very things we think are helping us.

RN Patient Partners provides complete, easy to use, reports that our client-partners can take to their doctor's office to discuss (electronically or in print).  The results of our investigations often lead us to recommend fresh avenues and the new treatments or lifestyle changes to consider and share with your practitioners.  We also develop, together, lists of important questions for practitioners (office or hospital, for clients and families) so you keep on top of your medical care.  RN Patient Partners can also coordinate care between specialists and practitioners.  We work together every step of the way.

Our goal is make each client-partner their own best advocate--to encourage everyone to be a proactive part of their own healthcare team with as much or a little support from us as you require along the way.  We never prescribe or tell you what to do; we educate you and empower you to make your own choices.


photo-25169957-pirate-icons-on-wood-planksWhat We Don't Do

We do not render legal advice or opinions, nor do we get involved in litigation.  There is a specific type of legal nurse advocate for that.

We do not prescribe.  We are not doctors.

We never tell you what to do, we research and educate you as to your options, so you can make good decisions for yourself.

We do not provide direct care. We are not home care nurses, nor do we interfere with hospital or medical care, even when we are present as your advocates.

Doctor holding a giant lightbulbHow to Use RNpatientPartners.com

We believe that a high tide raises all boats—that we are in this together.  We seek to build a community here at RNpatientPartners.com. Whatever your level of need—whether preventing disease and enhancing wellness, struggling through an accident or illness to regain health, are frustrated by chronic disease, or moving towards a peaceful transition from this world, we believe you will find something here to help.  

We offer constantly updating news feeds with the latest in medical and cancer research plus the best in integrative health news, a growing page of resources, and Pamela’s blog, where she seeks to address current issues in health and wellness and answer your questions.  This site offers educational materials, but not medical advice--please check with your primary care practitioner before stopping medications or adding to or changing your medical protocols. 

The services on this site are all free and we hope you will become a subscriber, bookmark the site, and keep coming back as the content changes daily.

NEED MORE?  Let’s talk.  The services of a caring professional nurse advocate may be precisely what you and your loved ones require to get the level of compassionate, high-quality, respectful care that you deserve. And the initial consult is free.   Contact us today