Our services are billed at $100.00 per hour

Basic Background

A complete evaluation and education on your specific diagnosis (or more than one) and the factors involved in developing and worsening the condition/s.   Includes complete family and personal medical histories, initial lifestyle & diet analysis. 

Medication Smart

This is an educational reconciliation of all your medications:  prescriptions, supplements, herbals, everything.  We check your medicines for interactions and side effects.  Could you be taking medicine to treat the side-effects of other medication?  It is not uncommon.  Do your supplements work together, with food, with prescriptions?  Could you be doing more harm than good and need to talk with your doctor?

The resulting document is a lifeline for every medical visit, hospitalization and medical emergency, preventing errors.  This is especially valuable for elders, since we require less medication as we age and our systems slow down, and the chronically ill, as liver and kidney clearance come into play. We constantly update the document to reflect your current status.  Get smart--Medication Smart.  

Available Treatments

In-depth research on all available treatments for your primary diagnosis, detailed surveys of available literature/ studies revealing the efficacy (does it work?)/ side effects and interactions of viable treatments in the conventional and integrative (holistic, complementary and alternative) medical universe that are appropriate and effective for that illness. Delivered via easy to use spreadsheet which may be accessed through smart phones, tablet/ iPads, or printed.   

Vetting of additional practitioners included, if needed.

Complete History & MediKey

An exhaustive review of your complete medical records (you request and provide records to us). Have the appropriate tests all been run? Have all of your doctors been forthcoming with each other and with you? Where have things fallen through the cracks? Up to 30% of all medical diagnosis are wrong; this survey will determine if there are stones left unturned or errors that have been made. 

We create a MediKey document from those records with a complete, abbreviated medical history which will prevent errors in the future by giving each of your practitioners, and emergency personnel, a quick complete picture of your medical history and current conditions, medications, allergies and precautions.   This is updated frequently and is an invaluable way to safeguard your health.

This level also includes creating lists of questions together that you can have for each doctor’s visit so you can stay on top of your care.

Custom Services

Do you require an RN patient advocate to accompany you to appointments, or come to the hospital?  We can usually provide you with a knowledgeable RN, billed by the hour.

Have you got distant elder relatives that require an advocate to accompany them medical appointments?  We can be there when you can't to ask those important questions and gather information, safeguarding your loved one.

Do you need research on local practitioners to determine their history, licensing, safety (malpractice cases and board sanctions), plus information their communication style, focus of practice and patient references to help find the best match for you?

Perhaps ongoing support—when you need it—to facilitate plans of change, communication and negotiations with practitioners, or answer questions as they arise?  We can do all of this and more.

Services are billed by the hour.  Monthly check-ins are included at no cost. Travel time is charged at half-rate for in-person services. Refundable retainer required to begin services.

Our services are currently not covered by insurance.